Center of Excellence in Dementia Care

At The Lamoine we strive to be a Center of Excellence in Dementia Care.

We will get to know your loved one in order to help them function at their highest level possible. We will include the family in our planning and treat them as part of the team. We do not have visiting hours just as your parents’ home did not have visiting hours.

We develop best practices and skills in order to adapt as your loved one changes. Often a person with dementia is said to have ‘behaviors’ but the root cause of the problem usually starts as a reaction to something we have done. We unknowingly set them up to fail or don’t know how to manage their changes. They communicate the best they can with limited abilities and it takes practice and skill to be able to read the signs. Those who love someone with dementia know just how difficult it is and also how easy it is to feel that you are failing them. We will help you understand the disease process as well as how to best manage your loved one’s ‘behaviors’ so you can go back to being the spouse, daughter, son, grandchild, or friend that you have always been.