Guilt and Should

Guilt should be a four letter word. It is amazing how 5 simple letters can be so powerful. Guilt is often tied to the belief that we ‘should’ be able to do something. We ‘should’ be able to take care of our aging parents with patience and sympathy. After all, Mom and Dad took care of us when we were growing up. We ‘OWE’ it to our loved one to see them through this illness. Well, I have a surprise for you – sometimes the best thing you can do is let go a little. Let others help you. At The Lamoine we are specially trained to deal with the ups and downs of dementia care. We know there is a lot of history in families – some good and some not so good. We can take care of the physical and emotional heath of your loved one and you can work on strengthening or healing your relationship with them as a daughter, son, wife, husband, friend, or grandchild.

Dealing with dementia is not a solo activity. It helps to have someone on the outside listen and work with you to find solutions. You are not alone at The Lamoine. We will continue to help caregivers through education, friendship, and lessening the inevitable guilt.