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No one loves Mom and Dad more than you do… or will take better care of them than we will.

Welcome to The Lamoine–where residents receive comprehensive and compassionate assisted living care right in the heart of downtown Macomb.

Located across from the park in the the historic and completely renovated Lamoine Hotel building, The Lamoine offers residents and visitors alike many unique recreational, shopping, and learning possibilities. Since many of our residents will have fond memories from previous involvement with a variety of Lamoine activities, many pleasant hours will be spent in front of the Lamoine fireplace.as residents exchange memorable stories from earlier times.

Also, it is comforting to know that should your parent’s healthcare needs change such that memory care is appropriate, specialized Alzheimer’s and dementia care is available in The Lamoine’s Dorothy K’s Place.

Experience The Lamoine.  Call today for a tour.

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Assisted Living and Memory Care FAQS

My loved one NEEDS to move but I just can’t convince them. What do I do?

One of issues with dementia and memory loss is losing the ability to reason. Your loved one can no longer see the gravity of the situation or the safety concerns they may be facing. Unfortunately they have lost the ability to problem solve. They often crave routine and changes to their routine can, for a time, make the memory issues appear worse. As they get into a new routine, recognize the people that live on their floor, and start to trust staff they will become content and often times thrive.

There is a lot of advice on the internet to help with this situation but we suggest calling or coming in to speak with us. Together we can look at what you have tried, what hasn’t worked and hopefully develop a plan to ease your loved ones concerns. Often the fear of the unknown is worse that the reality which is why we invite you and your loved one to stop in and visit.

My loved one becomes very scared when we are not together. What will happen once I leave?

We are trained to manage this exact situation. Your loved one knows that you are their lifeline, you take care of all their needs and keep them safe. We are trained to work with those that have dementia and make them feel safe. We will learn about your loved one’s history, their likes and dislikes, so we know them as individuals. In time, they will realize we are also a safe place and be more comfortable. No one loves Mom and Dad more than you do… or will take better care of them than we will.

How do we afford it?

The type of care your loved one will receive in our memory care is 24/7. We have staff trained to manage dementia in a respectful and caring way. If you imagine 24/7 care at home at approximately $20 an hour that would total $14,400 a month. Insurance would help with some of the costs but often the primary caregiver is responsible for coordinating staffing, doctor visits, meals, etc. This is exhausting and does not allow the child to simply be with their parent.

We will make sure those that work with your loved one are trained, have passed background checks, and have passion for working with seniors. This will give you the opportunity to have your old relationship back. You will not need to.

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