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What is the Difference Between Dementia and Alzheimer’s?

What is the difference between Dementia and Alzheimer’s?


This is a very common question.  Dementia is a group of symptoms – a syndrome if you prefer where as Alzheimer’s is a diagnosis of a specific disease of the brain.


I look at it like a cough – a cough is a symptom of something else – be it asthma, a cold, the flu, COPD, allergies….. There are many reasons someone could have a cough. Asthma is a specific disease that we can’t cure but can manage.


Alzheimer’s is one of over 100 diseases whose symptoms are often described as dementia. It is not curable but some of the symptoms can be managed. It is a progressive disease that is fatal due to the brain’s inability to communicate with the rest of the body. The brain is dying and slowly shutting down.


There are reversible causes of dementia such as lack of sleep, depression, lack of certain vitamins, or as simple as dehydration. Please see your physician or health care practitioner to have them rule out any of the reversible causes and get treatment for those illnesses that can be managed.


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