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What we learn…….

I read the phrase “what we learn becomes part of who we are” the other day and realized how true the statement is.


Every day we learn something new – it may not be something we want to learn or ever wanted to know about but we are learning just the same. Dealing with an aging or changing family dynamic involves a lot of learning. Each person has different likes, dislikes or preferences. These preferences can change over time or even from day to day. It is very important to be open minded and willing to experiment to see what works. Often with dementia we refer to a tool-chest of ideas that might help someone. The tool-chest is filled through experiences, trial and error.


At The Lamoine we are focused on education for all staff and working together to build our tool-chests. The State of Illinois requires that only direct care staff need attend a 4 hour dementia specific course.  We have decided that ALL staff will have this education. We will also be practicing techniques for approaching positively and how to assist someone with grooming or eating a meal. We ant to be sure that all employees are prepared to help any of our residents. We will have mentors on each shift who the staff can go to and work through situations in which they might be unfamiliar. We will have regular meetings where we break down issues or situation so we can look at them from multiple angles – thus allowing us to learn from other’s perspectives.


Please contact us at The Lamoine for a tour or to discuss our philosophy of care –  309-575-3018 or email me at kshiraki@thelamoine.com


We are actively giving tours and would love to see if we can help you and your family.