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Worry. Another “four letter word”

I honestly do not think anything I have ever worried about actually came true.  It’s the stuff I didn’t worry about that kicked me in the behind.  And even though I didn’t worry about it, it still happened, I dealt with it and here I stand today.

Worry will eat away at us and keep us from living a full life.  I have been a professional worrier – got it honestly from my mom.  Worry worry fret fret.  My husband would ask me why I was worrying when I had already done it.  “Too late now”, he’d say “you’ve done it; worrying about it isn’t going to help”.  Oh.  That would completely diffuse me.  Worrying about it won’t help anything.  Like guilt, it is a complete waste of time.

Because many of you will share your personal experiences with me, I will share mine with you.  My husband was diagnosed with cancer in 2009 – didn’t see that coming!  Hadn’t had the chance to worry about that, but it happened anyway.  We dealt with it – we stood strong together until the end because sadly he did not survive his cancer.  But I sure learned a lot, and one of the biggest lessons I took away from that was to stop worrying.

I would not go on vacations if they required we fly.  I was scared to fly.  I was worried the plane would crash.  I so limited myself – and my family – with that worry.  Because of the cancer, my husband had to have a major surgery in Indiana, and after the surgery he was not able to handle the six hour drive home.  But I had to get him home.  My brother in law suggested a private flight.  Oh no, I thought; I’m scared to fly; I’m worried.  But his health and well being was the most important so I scheduled a flight, I got on that plane and brought my husband home.  I’ve never been scared to fly again.   And that experience of his illness and everything that went with it taught me not to worry.

Instead, I trust.  I trust in my higher power – which to me is God.  I trust in myself and those I have surrounded myself with.   If you’re reading this, you’re maybe considering a move for your mom or dad, but you’re worried.  You’re worried about how mom will do after you leave her.  What will happen if she acts up, gets scared or angry?  Those are all natural signs that you love your mom and you want the best for her, of course.

I’m asking you to switch your worry to trust.  Trust us at The Lamoine to care for your mom as you have.  Trust our professional staff to take the time to get to know your mom or dad, and learn how we can best care for them.  Trust our caregivers to provide personal assistance, and keep your dad safe and secure.  Trust our activities staff to keep dad entertained.  Trust our dietary staff to provide nourishing meals and snacks throughout the day.  Trust in us so you can finally put that worry to rest and get back to being a son or daughter and enjoying your parents.