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Yesterday was Independence Day in the United States. I grew up in Pennsylvania in the suburbs of Philadelphia and learned a lot about our nation’s history. I walked the battle grounds, touched the Liberty Bell, and can still draw the floor plan of Independence Hall.  I knew about America history but not a lot about […]

Stigma and Empathy

Imagine being sick, not feeling horrible but not feeling well either. Imagine knowing something has changed but not being able to put your finger on it. Imagine the frustration, fear, anxiety, depression, etc you would feel.  Now imagine someone thinks you are fine since you look fine. You look the same and are exhausted from […]


Often we dream of the perfect family and perfect relationships but what if yours was not perfect. What if you are carrying anger or sadness from growing up and now have to take care of the person that hurt you. This is reality for many caregivers. They do not have a storybook relationship with the […]

Worry. Another “four letter word”

I honestly do not think anything I have ever worried about actually came true.  It’s the stuff I didn’t worry about that kicked me in the behind.  And even though I didn’t worry about it, it still happened, I dealt with it and here I stand today. Worry will eat away at us and keep […]

Guilt and Should

Guilt should be a four letter word. It is amazing how 5 simple letters can be so powerful. Guilt is often tied to the belief that we ‘should’ be able to do something. We ‘should’ be able to take care of our aging parents with patience and sympathy. After all, Mom and Dad took care […]

Guilt. A four-letter word.

I was surprised when I looked up the definition of “guilt”in the Merriam Webster dictionary that there are three different definitions! 1 –  “the fact of having committed a breach of conduct especially violating law and involving a penalty”; 2- “the state of one who has committed an offense especially consciously”; 3- “a feeling of […]

Are You Superman?

Caregivers are like Superman. They are the one everybody turns to and expects them to fix all problems.  Sometimes though, he had to get away. He had to go to the Fortress of Solitude to recharge. Think about that for a second. Superman – the caped crusader – the man of steel – could get […]

Benefits of residing in Assisted Living

Simply put, Assisted Living improves quality of life.  Often times a person will choose to move into Assisted Living because of declining health .  It has been determined that it is no longer safe to reside at home, yet the skilled care provided in a nursing home is not needed.  At The Lamoine, we will […]

Lack of Awareness

We all have reserves; energy reserves help us when we need a sudden burst of power and cognitive reserves help us to compensate when we forget a person’s name and need to bluff our way through an encounter. When caught in this situation most people are embarrassed and joke that we will wake up in […]

Old Glory Flies!

Good Morning!   I hope this post finds you well.  Isn’t it hard to believe that it’s nearly the end of MAY??  I hope you all were able to enjoy the Memorial Day weekend, and stayed relatively cool.  It was so hot!!  I always love to see the American flags wave around town, at our homes […]